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Are you seeking a unique location for a business meeting in the heart of Utrecht? Stadskasteel Oudaen, situated on Oudegracht, is just what you’ve been looking for! In this impressive historic castle, you will be able to hold your business meetings in style. Oudaen is just a short walk away from Utrecht Central Station and offers four meeting spaces, each with its own character and capacity.

The conference halls

Business meeting

Various distinguished families have lived in the tower house over the centuries. Oudaen’s four conference halls are named after these families: the Dirk van Houdaen Hall, the Zoudenbalch Hall, the Couwenhove Hall and the Linteloo Hall. The latter three are situated on the second floor of the building, and the walls can be removed to form one large space. Depending on the number of attendees, the halls can be rented together or separately.

Are you looking for a unique location in which to hold a business meeting in Utrecht? View the various options online, contact us and request an informal consultation.

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Rates and special offers

The different conference spaces each have their own rates and options. Below, you will find an overview of the different options for the individual halls.

The Houdaen Hall

Possible configuration: Maximum number of people:
Boardroom (1 long table) 34
Closed square
Rate per half day: € 275,- / Full day € 500,- *


Possible configuration: Maximum number of people:
Boardroom (1 long table) 30
Theater 50
Cabaret 36
U-shape 22
Closed square 25
Rate per half day: € 250,- / Full day € 475,- *


Possible configuration: Maximum number of people:
Boardroom (1 long table) 26
Theater 80
Cabaret 52
U-shape 30
Closed square 36
Rate per half day: € 300,- / Full day € 550,- *


Possible configuration: Maximum number of people:
Boardroom (1 long table) 16
Theater 25
Cabaret 16
U-shape 14
Closed square 14
Rate per half day: € 200,- / Full day € 350,- *

Everything you need for your business meeting


In our conference spaces, we offer everything you need for your business meetings. Is room is provided with a flip chart. We also offer a projector stand and projection screen with extension cord if you wish to bring your own equipment. Furthermore, we offer a range of audio-visual equipment that you can rent for your meeting.

Audio-visual equipment (rates per day):

First flip chart free of charge, flip chart (additional) € 0,-
Overhead projector € 0,-
Laptop + printer € 150,-
Sound installation € 200,-
Cordless handheld microphone with stand* € 85,-
Cordless backup microphone € 85,-

Download the brochure for even more in-depth information about the conference spaces and the options for businesses.

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We’ll be happy to help you ensure your meeting will go smoothly in one of our conference spaces. Together, we will work out which conference space is most suitable for your group. Contact us to discuss which option you are interested in and to book our conference location in Utrecht.

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