The website uses cookies. These are automatically downloaded when you visit the website. Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer, laptop or mobile phone by a website. They are used to help the Oudaen website function more effectively and to monitor site traffic. These data are not used to collect information on an individual basis, and Oudaen is unable to trace them back to specific devices or users. This page sets out our cookie policy and lists the cookies used by

New legislation regarding the use of cookies came into effect on 5 June 2012. This means that every website that tracks visitor behaviour and records information about it, for example through the use of cookies – which virtually all websites do – must comply with the new cookie legislation. This legislation applies to all websites in the Netherlands, as well as to websites targeting the Dutch market. Consent must be given for every non-functional cookie. Functional cookies include those that remember login details or products in the shopping basket. Non-functional cookies include cookies from YouTube or Vimeo, for example.

As of 25 May 2018, you can choose whether or not you wish to accept cookies. You can disable all non-functional cookies. Functional cookies will still be saved automatically, as the website cannot be displayed correctly without them. If you disable these cookies, some parts of the website will not be visible, such as YouTube and Vimeo videos. If you come across blocked content, you can still choose to accept cookies to make that content visible. makes use of the following cookies:

  1. Functional cookies
    Necessary cookies: we use these cookies to ensure that the website works properly. For example, functional cookies allow your computer to remember that you are logged in if you have an account on our website. WordPress uses multiple cookies to ensure the website works properly. The Icegram plugin that shows popups with special offers uses a cookie to remember whether you have already declined particular promotional offers before. We are not required to ask permission for these cookies. These cookies are never linked to advertising platforms.
    2. Cookies for website statistics
    On, we use a system (Google Analytics) to analyse which pages receive the most visits, which browsers people use to view our website (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), how people end up on our website and so on. This information enables us to improve our website and its performance. We do not use this information to find out who you are, but to analyse your visit to our website. The data are anonymised in Google Analytics and are not shared with other Google products, Google employees or other third parties. Because the data are anonymous, and because we have no wish to and are unable to make use of them on a user-by-user basis, we place these cookies without permission. In short, the sole purpose of these cookies is to track how our site is used, rather than who is using it.
    3. Third-party cookies
    We use content from other websites. These websites by third parties also use their own cookies. We block these cookies by default until you have given permission for them. On, the websites in question are YouTube and Google Maps.

If you would like to withdraw your consent for cookies, use the following link:

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Even though the cookies do not store any personal data, you may still not want your visits to be tracked. It is possible to disable cookies from being stored in your browser. Please note that disabling cookies only works for the computer and browser that you are using at that particular moment. If you use multiple computers and/or browsers, you must repeat this action as many times as necessary!
How to disable cookies:
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Disabling advertising cookies only:

If you do not want any third-party cookies, you can disable them via the opt-out option on Your online choices.